DareDorm – Nikki Blake, Jaye Summers – Camp Bang Out

Camping is fun. Especially if there are no wild animals, no mosquitos, if you have electricity, comfy beds and lots of cute girls. So let’s set up the tent, the hammocks and the tiny camp fire, right in your dorm. Roasting marshmallows inside seemed to be an aphrodisiac for those cute girls as they quickly decided to show off their boobs. Soon it was time for more. Jaye Summers started to blow Peter Green’s dick. Nikki Blake managed to beat the other girls and got hold of Bambino’s privates. Jaye and Peter moved for some privacy into the tent and strapped headlamps to their heads. Nikki and Bambino turned the hammock into a sex swing. This paragraph is too short to describe all the fucking and sucking that was happening in that single dorm room. Luckily people kept the camera rolling so there is all the evidence for you to see. Including two facials towards the end. Finally camping is fun even for city kids. Check it out!

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